Throughout the history of Western occultism, the mysterious Baphomet's name is often invoked and depicted. Although it became a commonly known name only in the twentieth century, evidence of Baphomet is found in documents dating back to the 11th century. Today, the symbol is associated with something related to occultism, ritual magic, witchcraft, and esotericism. The name of Baphomet, as depicted in the famous illustration by Eliphas Levi, has also been associated over time, by some, with the figure of an evil being, by others, with that of the Sumerian-Babylonian good God Enki, protector of humanity and the whose symbol was a goat, rival of the Jewish God Yahweh considered the cruel Gnostic demiurge. In fact, the horns are said to be masking the rays of Enki's face, designed to conceal him from the Catholic Church. ORIGINS OF THE NAME There are several theories as to the origins of the name of Baphomet. The most common explanation is that it is a distortion from the old Frenc

NATURE AND DARKNESS by Roberta Scaccia

Nature is esoteric because it binds man to the universe and through the meditation of the psyche it refers to a common language, shared by those who have made the symbol the main communication tool. Natural elements are full of mysteries. The Latin term "elementa" indicates the principles of being and life that are the substance of the world. Water, Air, Earth and Fire are not only tangible manifestations but are also filled with symbolic meanings of the sacred. Water plays an important role in the sacral dimension, it is a ritual element par excellence, it plays a symbolic role disputed between the creative and the destructive principles. In the abyssal depths we find the subconscious rise, the sleep-nightmare state, our deepest desires that have not yet emerged from the darkness. DARKNESS is light upside down, it is part of a balance, light cannot exist without darkness and vice versa. Air is the vital breath that animates all creatures. It represents the spirit o

Savar : Chaos Spoken

                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Seal Created by  Francesca Lingesso                                                                                    Savar                                                                            Chaos Spoken      Savar is the Daeva of the Throat or Vishuddha Chakra within the Unique and specialized practice of Ahrimanic Yoga. The Aim of Ahrimanic Yoga concerns the practice of developing a mind and body that has no inhibition against our Serpent nature. This Daeva is chief and a leader of Daevas , and the throat chakra is a manifold , wherein the twin Energies of Ahriman and Az conjoin and interface the Serpent of darkness , projected as the Power of Dushutka (1) or ‘Evil Word’. Intent to speak from a self-serving perspective is to this day  considered “evil” in our W

Transformation of a Goddess: Lilitu, Lamashtu, and Lilith. By : Sarah Ballini

  Transformation of a Goddess: Lilitu, Lamashtu, and Lilith. Introduction This article stems from the desire to share the work that I have done on the deification masks relating to the demonic female such as Lamasthu, Ardat-Lilith and Lilith and the theoretical study that precedes the practical approach. In relation to Lamashtu the starting point was the grimoire "Sebitti" and "Maskim Hul" by Michael W. Ford, the original invocations in Akkadian language and the consultation of numerous academic texts. The question that many of you might ask is ... why choose to relate to an archetype / entity like Lamashtu, deeply dark and destructive and possibly, how to do it without suffering the consequences? I state that my interest in Lamasthu developed a few years after translating "Akhkharu: Vampire Magick", also by Michael W. Ford. In that period, I performed for about 28 days the ritual that you find in the text, "Magna Mater Daemonum" in conditions of

The Song of Lilith; By Sarah Ballini

  l The Song of Lilith (to you who are the beginning, to you who are the end). Where are you my Love? You missed! Have you forgotten where you came from? You run away through the valleys, the fog swallows you up, the shadow calls you. The path is full of thorns. Stay with me tonight and I will be your comfort and shelter under the sky. Lie with me in this intersection, your head on my chest. My flesh, white like the wing of the young swan, as sweet as the feathers that cover my nest. Forget today's worries and my kisses will ease your forehead My tongue exudes the sweetness of velvet. They are the exuberance of ripe pomegranate split in two, and so my lips rest on yours. Drink this wine from my mouth which is a chalice overflowing with the wine of desire. Get drunk with my kisses, lonely traveller ... Seek refuge under the arch of my thighs, like solid alabaster columns supporting a firmament of shooting stars. Cool your tongue at the source of my breast. Distant snow-covered mount

Conflaguration of the Qlippotic Wanderer: By M.DKSC-IV:.

  Conflaguration of the Qlippotic Wanderer I am human animal, yet something stirs- A vague burning locked deep within. I am incapable of granting it Name. I climb through natural order, resolute Earth, Desire, Beauty, I am witness I blanket myself in the Clay It becomes heavy upon me, like a second skin. I forget the human within And memories of the burning within subside I hold myself in such great esteem Defining my world through my dedication To upholding the appearance of this great esteem Understanding! Just as I begin to taste you, Constriction coils about me From within and throughout an explosion ignites The burning becomes flame, the flame becomes fire Parched and broken by a Serpent-God’s coil, I am engulfed in Blackest Fire. Second skin melting into a pool below Within the pool Choronzon smiles Who could cast such maddening mirrors? Where is my skin? All that I esteem? Am I seen? I sting! The flames, now acid burning, Drip from above, I raise my sight. Demiurge! Samael! Acid