DAY OF AHRIMAN & LUCIFERIAN AWARENESS By Michael W. Ford The Day of Ahriman occurs on March 21 at 12:PM Noon. The Day of Ahriman / Angra Mainyu is derived from the ancient Zoroastrian cosmology myth of the date and time the Lord of Darkness, called the Adversary, entered the world to challenge that of Ahura Mazda. Michael W. Ford established this date within his Luciferian tradition in the early 2000's and was described in his publications such as Luciferian Witchcraft, Liber HVHI, DRAUGA, and other works. Ahriman is honored as the bringer of freedom, liberation from restrictive beliefs, religious dogma and social control which restrains the advancement of individual potential. The Daevas and Ahriman are outwardly malignant, demonical manifestations of darkness, perversion, and lustful indulgence; Yatuk Dinoih (cultus of witchcraft teachings within Luciferianism) inspires the actualization and establishment of the will to power in the Magickian, towards Liberation, Illuminatio


All I wish, and all I desire, Whispering whistles in burning fire. Nahemoth, keep me, longing thus- Heated calls of endless lust. By dust, desire, fire and gasps, I close this day in hunger-rasps. I thank you, now, Nahemoth. My heart, my mind, my calcified lust. Of your darkest contrabands, Give me visions by your hand. Morning-blind, the moon did steal. Now! Open my eyes, Gamaliel! Grateful I am, as the moon now weeps; These blistered visions uncoil, to sleep. Gamaliel, the day's now closed, Visions herewith, just as proposed. By your anger, devil-sun, let me sprawl! Samael, let my skin crawl! Sticky sickness, all paths construe Of knowledge of where I might intrude. Samael, you broke and killed, Even as you churned the great death-still. The day is done, whoresong has stung, Hailing to you, O Black Archon. Let me now dare the edges of hell, Start the whip, Harab Serapel! Wake me up, and with me stay, Disturb the waters of this day. Appraisals of all my hexes and crimes, No more

Hymn to Lilith

Oh , night wondering hunger, Lamia, Satyr copulating woman of desire, My lust be thy song, I steal away with your flight, north of the sea,  Eight times to the left I dance , eight times I drink, my wings , 12 of them caress your bloodstained mouth. Show me the doorway, spread your dark wings , mark me a Sibyl, and I shall welcome your children to drink... by the light of your song, in fullness of devotion I sip of your kiss in the abyss of the well of shadows

THE STAR OF THE DESERT. Written by Sara Ballini / revised by Nilufar Mali

Prima donna, beautiful, enigmatic, seductive, transgressive, whimsical. "The woman at the window" was certainly an aspect of the Sumerian "Lady of Heaven" Inanna / Ishtar goddess of war, justice, agriculture and responsible for the cycles of nature. In particular, the aspect identified with the figure of the "woman at the window" is that of the prostitute, Ishtar in fact was also the patron goddess of prostitutes and of herself who identified herself as such. The goddess has in fact a dual nature, on the one hand sacred and on the other a prostitute, thus preserving both sides that do not oppose but unite in a single divine and sacred essence. The priestesses themselves were prostitutes, even if sacred, since they practiced in places and ways suitable and opportune to the rituals of the times. The word prostitute refers to a specific category of women, of any social class, who did not depend on men, and who were free and fiercely independent. The n

Invocation of Aeshma

Invocation of Aeshma Fury, rage, and willed combat upon that which restricts one’s path is the intent of this invocation. Much is said in secular and spiritual circles to this day concerning the evilness of anger, fury, or rebellious intent. It is obvious when reading the Bundashin that anger and fury are associated with murder and malefic behavior. We know from our understanding of the term “children of the lie” that absolute and unwavering adherence to this dualism is the cause of this false accusation. Anger, our natural defense mechanism is not only not evil, but it is also a base part of human consciousness and especially the Haoma Wolf’s makeup. No one chooses to walk the LHP without having some sort of dissatisfaction with the status quo or anger towards the slave mentality. Aeshma symbolizes the spark of fury and the theriomorphic manifestation of the wild and defiant nature of Aeshma. Ahrimanic yoga invites these spirits or modes of energy to have equal influence over the Yatu


Artist: Unas Nacht/ Diacorvum Nacht The heart chakra is the center of the flow of power for the student of Ahrimanic yoga or Kundalini Serpent Power. The focal point of the Luciferian Immolation Rite and Important for grasping the Path of Apotheosis. The anahata chakra is associated with the planet Venus , the progeneration of the spirit of Azi Dahak or Zohak. The Yatus awakens this daeva with both downward and upward motion of the kiss of Ahriman within the matrix of continuing existence. Depicted in the Grimoire Drauga as the Union of Desire and the Luciferian Black Flame of consciousness. The Subjective nature of the Yatus combines with the Objective reality of the poisonous rebellious nature of Samael. The dual serpent is represented via the three heads of Azi Dahak , the infernal union of a predatory nature is awake and waiting to explode upwards to the Anja Chakra. This chakra represents a lit pilot light , and the forebodin


Naonghaithya Sinister will meets Action On January 30th one week from today I invite my fellow Luciferians to participate in an Invocation of Naonhaithya. This Daeva corresponds to the Manipura Chakra, of the solar plexus. Naonhaithya is said to be the conjunction and joining of the forces of Taromaiti, yet a separate and unique confederate of those sowers and makers of poison. Naonghaithya represents one of the powers of the Four Hells, being Dushvarshta, Evil Deed. Evil here represents the individual who refuses to settle for conformist thinking and obedience, who then combines the Ida and Pingala forces of Samael and Lilith (Ahriman and AZ), resting in the Mulandura chakra to begin to intelligently, and beneficially combine that force and create the conditions for rebellious and self willed actions towards the desires of the Daemon. Action and bridging forth of the conditions which will seal your will and desire into deeds also corresponds to the Ultimate Potentiality of the Obj